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Change your address with companies for free, today.

Update key companies in two minutes, and never miss post again. Use your right to rectify today.

Changing your address is easy

Following the UK and EU GDPR laws, your right to rectification allows you to tell any organisation that has your personal data to revise it, for free.

This includes your address, name or anything else you want to correct or amend.

Get started above to update all the companies you need to in one go.

What's that?

Personal data is any information that can directly or indirectly identify you as you - think address, beliefs, and financial records

Why should I change my mailing address?

By alerting companies of new mailing addresses and reporting outdated information, you’ll avoid:

  • Missing important post
  • Accidentally ordering items to an old address
  • Being vulnerable to identity theft

The process of updating your details can be slow and time-consuming. At Rightly, we make it quick and easy.

Who should I change my address with when moving?

It's not just your friends and family who need to know when you move! We know that it can be a lot to keep track of, so we've created a rough checklist for you:

  1. Your employer
  2. HMRC
  3. Your council
  4. Your gym or local societies
  5. Newspaper & Magazine subscriptions
  6. Any relevant insurance companies
  7. DVLA
  8. Healthcare providers like your Dentist or Optician
  9. Banks, Loan companies or Pension plan providers

How do I switch mailing addresses for free?

The quickest way to update your details is through Rightly:

  1. Select the companies you'd like to contact
  2. Enter your new address and other details, so that they can identify you
  3. Send your request

It’s as easy as 123.

If you can't find the company that you're looking for, please contact our customer support team and we'll add it for you.

It may also be helpful to set up a redirect with Royal Mail and to change your address on your driver's license.

Why Rightly?

We’re free because our mission is to make data fairer, for everyone.

We don't use consumer data for commercial purposes, which means we'll never, ever sell your data. It also means that there are no adverts or hidden costs.

When will I get a response to my rectification request?

Once the company has received your request, they'll have 30 days to respond, or give a valid reason as to why they need an extension. If this happens, our support team can help speed up the process!

What if I don't know which address they have?

Don't worry, you can tell any company to amend inaccurate personal data, even if you're not sure what they have originally. If you send them an address they already have on file, they'll simply let you know.

Keeping your data safe

Send your request in under two minutes

It's simple and completely free