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Your data, your way.

Easily tell companies what to do with your data and manage your responses from one central place.

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Data ethics

At Rightly, we believe that your data should be yours, and yours alone.

Our mission is to make the world of data fairer for all involved. So far, we’ve done this by creating a platform that allows you to quickly and easily access your data for free. Our independence and transparency are crucial to this.

We value the trust that our users and community put in us. To meet this we hold ourselves to the highest possible ethical standards.

Our four principles

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We believe that how companies use personal data should be clear and readily available. We make sure that our own business practices, such as why we’re free and what we do with your data are visible at all times.


Our goal is to make data fairer for all. This means that we put our energy into building the best tools we can to help you have more control over your data. We’re committed to doing whatever we can to achieve this, within the boundaries of our ethical principles.


We only ever work with businesses to improve their data practices when it benefits consumers (you). We never compromise the rights of our users for business convenience.

Instead, we help companies demonstrate their own commitment to consumer rights through Rightly, where they can respond to requests easily and safely, and build trust with their customers.


We’re fully accountable to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent authority that upholds the information rights of individuals. The ICO has the power to issue large fines in the event of regulatory breaches and a complaints facility open to all.

We also have an internal Ethics team to ensure that the ethical implications of key decisions are considered, and are always in line with our principles.

How we protect your ID

Before companies send your personal data to you, they’re likely to ask for further information to make sure that they’re speaking to the right person.

Often this means asking for ID, like a scan of your driver’s license or passport. While we’re glad that companies are acting responsibly, we also know that sharing your personal information can be a cause for concern. So, we’ve written more information about why we ask for your ID, how you can upload it, and how we keep it secure here.

Our community and the trust that you put in us are important. If anything is unclear, or if we can help at all, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help!


We work for you

We’ve designed Rightly to be as user-friendly as possible, but as a new platform we know that many people are still getting used to it! If you have any problems, questions or concerns, our support team is here to help.

Caring for your data

Registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. Reg. No. ZA278016