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Your data, your way

Easily tell companies what to do with your data

Create your account
Create your account

We'll use your details to verify you and reduce identification queries

Send data requests
Send data requests

Ask for your data back, to delete it, or to alter your marketing preferences

View your responses
View your responses

Easily sort through your data decisions, all in one place

What you need to create an account

  • Name
  • Email

The basic information you need to provide

  • Phone
  • Address
  • Valid ID
    Valid ID

Some companies might need more information to ensure they’re sending data to the right person

For more information about how we validate your ID to ensure it's genuine, click here.

What happens next

  • Choose from our list of 1500 companies to start sending requests
  • Receive your data! This is usually within a few days but may take up to 30
  • You decide how long the data stays in your account
  • Contact us if you have any questions, our support team is here to help

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What you need to create an account
We’re always improving
We’re always improving

We’re still in our beta phase, which means that we’re still improving our user experience.

This can lead to a little frustration with the navigation,
so please do bear with us!

We’re working towards a future where what happens to your data
is your decision, and yours alone.

Your feedback helps us make Rightly the best it can be.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, we'd love to hear them.