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Ipswich Crown Court & GDPR: manage your data

Rightly is a free service that helps you have more control over your data. Find out whether Ipswich Crown Court has your personal data, and tell them what to do with it.

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Ipswich Crown Court provides the following services:

How Rightly works

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Tell them what to do with your data with your personal data

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How sending requests can help

Locate your data

Send a Subject Access Request (SAR)

If you want to know whether Ipswich Crown Court has your personal data, what they have, and what they’re doing with it, we can help. Send a request to Ipswich Crown Court via Rightly and quickly find out.

Delete your data

Request to partially or fully delete your data

If you want Ipswich Crown Court to delete all of your personal data, or only some of it, you can let Ipswich Crown Court know via Rightly in a deletion request. Ipswich Crown Court then has 30 days to reply, by law.

Adjust marketing

Change your Ipswich Crown Court marketing preferences

Want to change how Ipswich Crown Court communicates with you? You can easily alter your email marketing settings through Rightly, too. Just let Ipswich Crown Court know in your request.

Rejected applications

Understand why decisions were made

Has Ipswich Crown Court rejected an application of yours, or made an unfair decision? You can request all of the paperwork relating to how they made that decision through Rightly.

Employment disputes

Tackle an employment dispute with Ipswich Crown Court

If you are, or have been, an employee of Ipswich Crown Court, you can send a data access request to view all emails and documents that mention you, as well as your personal files.

Data breaches

Act if there’s a Ipswich Crown Court data breach

If Ipswich Crown Court has had a data breach, you can use requests to see if you’ve been affected, and to delete your data to prevent it happening again.


Locate your Ipswich Crown Court pension

Find out whether you have a pension with Ipswich Crown Court, as well as its associated details, by sending a subject access request. Our support team is also here to help.

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It only takes a few minutes

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Contact Ipswich Crown Court

Making a subject access request without Rightly Alternatively you can send a subject access request to Ipswich Crown Court in writing at the following address:

1 Waterloo Square

Please include your:
Full name
Any previous names
Your address

If you have moved whilst you have had the service we would recommend putting in all your previous addresses for the last 3 years.

Because requests must be in writing, you can’t make one over the phone. However, if you need to contact Ipswich Crown Court for anything else, their contact number is 0300 3030 648.

You can also read more about how to send a subject access request in our blog.

Caring For Your Data